Magheart - Body Magnet

Body Magnet

Magheart - Body Magnet

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The Infinity Pro Magheart Magnetic Power Brooch is one of the most popular and powerful in our magnetic jewellery range. 

It attaches to clothes near bad pain, especially shoulders, ankles and back for sciatica treatment.

The Magheart magnet consists of two parts - one with the Infinity Pro 2000 Gauss Neodymium magnet embedded inside a copper and stainless steel heart, the other a backing plate to act as the “anchor” when wearing on clothes.

Copper has unique healing properties so by combining magnets and copper together we’ve created a super powerful product.

Can be attached to clothes, underwear, bandages etc.

Particularly useful for those looking for targeted relief.

Comes in retail packaging and ready to wear immediately.

Not recommended for use by pregnant women, children or people with pacemakers due to the strong magnetic properties of this product. Is suitable for use during the menopause.