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The Harmful Effects of Positive Ions on The Body

The Harmful Effects of Positive Ions on The Body

In 1910, a Japanese medical study found that ions were linked to human health. The study showed that patients with arthritis noticed increased pain when weather fluctuations raised the number of positive ions in the atmosphere. This is turn resulted in a relationship between ions and health being widely recognised within the Japanese scientific community. 

The percentage of positive ions in the atmosphere is increased by cold fronts and low pressure systems. This increase in the percentage of positive ions in the atmosphere leads to a decrease in the number of negative ions in our bodies. Doctors in Japan reported that under these weather conditions their patients suffering with asthma and arthritis pains claimed to have aggravated symptoms.

The link between positive ions and asthma has also been studied by doctors in North America, who found that positive ion winds have been found to coincide with increased incidences of asthma attacks (Guy Cramer, "Advanced Research on Atmospheric Ions and Respiratory Problems", Certified Medinex Website, Sept. 2, 1996).

In more recent years doctors in Japan have found that the effect of having high levels of positive ions in the immediate environment can lead to a whole host of ailments. This is because we are surrounded by positive ions from electromagnetic fields generated by computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices which can impair brain function and suppress the immune system causing symptoms such as; anxiety, breathing difficulty, fatigue, headaches, irritability, lack of energy, poor concentration and mental performance, nausea, vertigo, and increased levels of the hormone serotonin (which can be potentially harmful to the body in high levels).

Positive ions can turn in to free radicals in the body which can damage healthy cells and increase the acidity of the blood. This is because they oxidise the cells, raising the levels of lactic acid which can cause many illnesses including cancer. Also the balance of the autonomic nervous system is thrown off and blood and lymph circulation declines which causes premature ageing.

Wearing a magnetic bracelet or ionic band may help to reduce positive ion levels in the body, hence reversing the harmful effects mentioned above.


Allan Gaskins - Sep 23, 2013

so the ocean and thunderstorms produce negative ions right?

rosemary - Sep 23, 2013

Ihave suffered from the effects positive of pos Ions for years , living in a windy area, couldnt understand the fatigue I had even reflex,es sluggish ,diagnosed by a neuro phychiatrist Iasked, to see, told in my case a form of migraine, made worse due to my poor circulation,. however when the wind drops Im immediately ok again. Best book on research is the Ion effect by Fred SOYKA . does anyone know of a more recent one.
NOT enough Doctors in this country aware, I wouldnt be surprised if ME was this, you must not give in to the fatigue but accept it read about it .and get on with life.Any new books on the subject, most research done in GENEVA AND israel hope this is of help

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