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Nate Parsons 2nd at Cardiff Urban Duel Slalom Race

Nate Parsons, Pro Mountain Biker took part in an Urban Duel Slalom race at the weekend in none other than a car park ... I know - doesn't sound all that glamorous but high octane, high speed racing around an enclosed concrete circuit is exciting to watch to say the least! 

With £1000 prize money up for grabs and 90 riders to compete against Nate had a tough challenge ahead! 

Safe to say he came 2nd and walked away with some dollar, a plethora of prizes and a pat on the back from Infinity Pro! 

Well done Nate :) Read the full write up at Nate Parson's website

Nate Parsons Cardiff Urban Duel Slalom Race

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Slalom Duel Mountain Bike Racing Nate Parsons

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