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Health and You: Conquering Seasickness

If you have ever been seasick in your life, then you will know that it is quite debilitating. People that don’t get seasick don’t understand that it is something that could prevent you from doing certain things in your life. 

When in actual fact, seasickness could be seen as a phobia because it prevents you from doing something, just like a fear would. The physical and mental side effects might be different, but the outcome is the same – you will be prevented from doing something. 




Seasickness is something that can be treated whether it is with pills or with some psychological help. It is better to get help than to suffer in silence for the rest of your life. 




As mentioned above, you can ask your doctor if he can prescribe some anti-sickness pills for when you know that you are going on a boat. Medication will work but it will mean taking the pills long term and some people are not willing to do that, especially if they are holiday when they experience the seasickness. 


Magnetic Bracelets 

If you want an alternative method for treating seasickness then you should think about using a magnetic bracelet. They can be bought from supermarkets, online, or from specialist retailers. 

Magnetic bracelets have been known to work by putting pressure on a point on the inside of the wrist, similar to acupressure and relieving pain by putting pressure on certain points in the body.

As with acupressure, magnetic bracelets will work for some people, but not for others, and there is no scientific evidence that they work at all, but if you have tried everything else, then there is no harm in trying a magnetic bracelet. It is probably cheaper than paying for a prescription every time you go on a boat.

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